SmartHub Re-design Tour

Access your account any time, anywhere with SmartHub!

You're a few steps away from it now.

First, grab one of your old bills with your account number on it, and your debit/credit card or bank draft credentials.

Next, follow the below instructions for each device below on which you intend to use SmartHub.

On The Web (PDF Instructions)
On your iPhone or iPad (PDF Instructions)
On your Android Phone or Tablet (PDF Instructions)


3) SmartHub Text Notifications

Get Outage Texts and More

Phone icon over image of woman accessing data on her smartphone.

Have outage updates sent directly to your smart device.  You can also set up reminders to pay your bill or other notices.  To begin, touch "More" at the bottom of the Home Screen.  See detailed instructions below.

Analyze Your Usage

Knowing when you use more power can help you save energy and money.  Take advantage of SmartHub's "Usage" tool.

Access the tool by touching the "Usage" icon at the bottom of the home screen.

SmartHub Usage ToolPurple Down ArrowSmartHub Select Range Screen"Purple Down Arrow"SmartHub Usage Graph