Energy Assistance

  • Energy Outreach – Helping all Colorado families afford home energy.
  • Low Income Energy Assistance Program - (LIHEAP) Information and qualification information for assistance with energy bills.
  • Low Income Weatherization Assistance Program – Qualifying families can receive assistance from the Department of Energy to weatherize their homes. More information about the Weatherization Assistance Program can be found below. 

Low Income Weatherization Assistance Program

The Governor's Energy Office of Colorado has partnered with local agencies to provided low-income Colorado residents with FREE weatherization services. This program gives low-income residents the ability to save money on their energy bills by learning about and implementing energy efficient measures.

The benefits of this free program include lower energy costs, a more comfortable living environment, improved health and safety, the reduction in fossil fuel emissions, and aiding in the preservation of our many depleted natural resources for future generations.

San Miguel Power members can apply by contacting their local weatherization agency listed below. Please be aware that this program is income based.




San Miguel

MADA; (970) 417-3436


MADA; (970) 417-3436

San Juan

Housing Solutions for the Southwest; (970) 259-1086 x11


MADA; (970) 417-3436


Housing Resources of Western CO; (970) 241-2871


MADA; (970) 417-3436


Housing Solutions for the Southwest; (970) 259-1086 x 11