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SMPA 2017 Strategic Objectives

Every three years, the SMPA Board uses a strategic planning process to align organizational direction with the mission, vision and core values of SMPA.  

As part of this process, three main strategic categories were identified and evaluated at the Board’s planning session in February, 2017.  The categories are, People, Service, and Financial.  Each one contains objectives that will guide staff in establishing goals and pathways that move in alignment with the Board’s strategic vision for the cooperative.  


The three categories and key objectives are broken down as follows:



  1. Instill an impeccable safety culture
  2. Improve member Outreach/Communication/Education 
  3. Professional development of workforce and Board of Directors 


  1. Implement beneficial technology.  Analyze, evaluate and make final proposal for software applications in customer information and financial information systems.
  2. Improve system reliability – Complete final Red Mountain transmission analysis, with final recommendations.
  3. Understand the full value, and options, of our membership and contract with Tri-State G&T, while developing an all-encompassing program to expand local renewables.  This objective modified by Board Resolution 2018-02.
    ...and is further revised to say: In alignment with SMPA’s mission to demonstrate corporate responsibility and community service while providing our members with safe, reliable, cost effective and environmentally responsible electrical service, we shall further explore all power supply options.
  4. “Develop an all-encompassing program to expand energy efficiency and local renewables”
    Read the SMPA Strategic Plan Power Supply Resolution.


  1. Gain full Board understanding of current long term financial policy, and options, to create financial flexibility while maintaining rate stability.
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