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2021 Annual Outreach

See what's new at your consumer-controlled cooperative. This series of eight 1-minute videos can get you up to date quickly and efficiently. Watch them all or pick and choose.  Feedback and questions are always welcome.

Also, get more in-depth coverage of SMPA's activities and programs in our 2020 Annual Report.



This is the first of eight videos in this series. It outlines our Board Strategic Objectives. This basically tells what SMPA's main priorities are in order for us to provide safe, reliable, affordable, and environmentally responsible electric power. We'll dive a little deeper in subsequent videos. Stay tuned.


This second video in our 2021 Outreach series covers the topic of Power Supply. Where does SMPA get the power that it serves its members? What is the balance of energy from fossil fuels versus that from renewable sources? …and how might this balance change? Find out.


What do you do when the lights go out?  This third installment of our Annual Outreach shows that you're not alone.  Learn what tools SMPA offers to keep you informed while our crews are working to bring back the power. 


In our fourth video of the 2021 Annual Outreach series, you can see some of the amazing community initiatives that benefit from our Community Focus Donations and Sharing Success Economic Development Grants.  Check them out here, then go check them out for real!


Wind, rain, snow, falling trees, lightning: our electric grid takes a beating from weather events like these every year.  In our fifth video in the 2021 Annual Outreach series, we learn what is being done to "harden" our system against the elements in order to bring you safe, reliable power.


In October of 2020, the East Troublesome Fire burned over 300 homes near Granby, Colorado. Our sixth Annual Outreach video shows how local provider, Mountain Parks Electric was able to call for aid from other rural electric cooperatives to help restore power. "It's just what co-ops do."


SMPA's highest priority is the safety of all who live and work near our power lines. Our seventh video in this Annual Outreach series explains what we do to prevent wildfires in our service territory, and how these strategies help.


The final video in our outreach series covers our audited financials for the year, 2020. Learn how SMPA made a strategic move to improve assessment and planning for the future. Also, use the link to read our full audited financials in the 2020 Annual Report.


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