Renewable EnergyRenewable Energy Rebates

2014 Renewable Energy Rebates

Solar Photovoltaic Residential
Rebate amount: $0.75 per watt
Maximum amount: Up to 3kW or $2,250

Solar Photovoltaic Commercial
Rebate amount: $0.75 per watt
Maximum amount: Up to 10kW or $7,500

Small Wind Residential
Rebate amount: $0.75 per watt
Maximum amount: Up to 3kW or $2,250

Solar Domestic Hot Water - Electric Backup
Rebate amount: $1,500

Solar PV rebates are available for on-site installations and purchases of panels in the SMPA Community Solar array.

About our rebates:
SMPA's renewable rebates are now administered by SMPA--they are no longer administered through Recharge Colorado. To apply for a renewable energy system rebate you must use the application forms below. Contractors must complete all necessary rebate paperwork and apply on behalf of the customer. Contractors do not need to be registered with Recharge Colorado or SMPA prior to applying for rebates; however, certain contractor eligibility requirements must be met. Deadlines apply. Please read through the Terms and Conditions carefully for each rebate type you are applying for.

We also offer rebates for other renewable energy systems, such as micro-hydro and biomass projects, on a case by case basis. For details please contact Brad Zaporski at (970) 626-5549 x221.

Application forms:
Renewable Energy Residential Rebate Application 2014

Renewable Energy Commercial Rebate Application 2014

Renewable Energy Authorization Deposit Form 2014

For more information on SMPA rebates and/or incentives that help members offset the cost of their investment in local renewable energy including small hydro and biomass contact SMPA Member Services at (970) 626-5549 or

Other SMPA rebates:
You may find details about Energy Efficiency, Energy Audit and Weatherization rebates on the energy efficiency rebates section of our website.