Green Blocks and Green Cents

SMPA can only be as 'green and clean' as our members. It's important for you as a member to make energy efficiency a major priority. But there's more you can do. SMPA offers two renewable energy programs that members can participate in: Green Blocks and Green Cents.


Green Blocks: The Green Block program is an SMPA renewable energy initiative that allows members to purchase renewable energy credits (RECs) to offset their energy consumption. These credits are called Green Blocks and cost $1.00 per block, per month. One block represents 100 kilowatt hours of renewable energy. The average home uses approximately 800 kilowatt hours per month, therefore most members would need eight Green Blocks to offset their energy consumption. The cost is added to your monthly bill. Members can purchase as many blocks as they wish.

Electricity generated by renewable resources is placed on the same system, called the grid, as traditional electricity. Although members cannot be sure the electricity flowing into their homes is renewable, by purchasing Green Blocks, they ensure that the renewable energy they're paying for is actually generated and placed on the grid. Buying one Green Block is equivalent to not driving your car for 1,800 miles or planting 1/2 acre of trees.

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Green Cents: The Green Cents program is a simple and easy way for members to raise money to support community renewable energy projects. Members can choose to have their monthly bill rounded up to the nearest dollar. For example, if your bill is $72.37, you'll pay $73. The rounded up portion goes into the Renewable Energy Fund, which is used for the development of renewable energy projects within SMPA's service territory. On average, members will spend less than $7 a year, and they may cancel participation at any time.

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Participation: Members who are interested in participating in the Green Blocks or Green Cents Programs can also call their local SMPA office. A customer service representative will add them to the growing list of members who support renewable energy.